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Tony Cartalucci; The Nail in the Coffin?

The Nail in the Coffin?

21st April 2011

A critical response to the article 'Just a Lousy Journalist?' was quickly written by the Land Destroyer website's writers entitled 'Over the Target' within which it is claimed that their diatribes against the downtrodden people of Thailand who have had their elected leader deposed in a military coup and two subsequent leaders deposed in judicial coups have only been validated and vindicated . A closer look at the arguments they laid out in that article and other articles they put forward in support of it is needed to finally put the nail in their coffin.

Over the Target

It is claimed that I state “that globalist connections within the current Thai government are never mentioned.” In fact, I claimed that they were deliberately omitted as they went against the anti-Red polemic of Land Destroyer. Readers should question; Do they cite the political allegiances of Prem and the others? The fact that they are anti-Thaksin and anti-Red?

Thaksin and the Reds are of course two different entities.

It is claimed that nearly every "glaring omission Gerrard Winstanley's article accuses Land Destroyer of skipping past can be found” within previous articles on Land Destroyer.

Since when has two out of eight been nearly every? I guess it was since two plus two equals five. Even though they have previously mentioned Surin Pitsuwan and Mechai Viravaidya they have deliberately failed to mention their political allegiances and current political positions. They are, of course, vehemently anti-Thaksin and anti-Red. And, of course, they are striving to cling onto their undemocratic power. Let us not forget that Surin is the director of the Democrat Party which heads up the current unelected coalition government. He's also on the advisory board of the International Crisis Group, a fact omitted by Land Destroyer. The group so despised by them. The group they claim is fighting for Thaksin. Tony Cartalucci writes of his coup de grace citing the fact that he mentioned the current government being less of a threat to Thailand than Thaksin. The government which is currently clinging desperately onto power in the face of coming elections, intimidating the nation with military displays of power and whose opponents are charged with sedition. According to Tony, Surin's current political role and his extremely high rank within the ICG would result in a;

slower integration into the globalist collective, the immediate most unhinging threat is a third attempt at reinstalling Thaksin Shinwatra into power ...”

I apologise to readers for having to read such bizarre logic. Unfortunately, for Tony there is no coup de grace as he knowingly omitted a large portion of the truth.

Land Destroyer, who also goes by the pseudonym 'Insanity', again dismisses Wikileaks out of hand without a single thought for Private Bradley Manning despite their mentor Alex Jones having great sympathy for the unfortunate soul, who has suffered horrendous torture under the hands of the US government.

Not only did Land Destroyer fail to provide evidence that they covered glaring omissions including the role of the IMF, they only point out two. And, these two are not covered in a full an honest way, but rather a contrived and deceptive way.

The articles refereed to as supporting their argument included “Asian Economic Community by 2015”; “Thailand: Stage Set for Another Color Revolution”; “BBC's "Stark warnings over Thai emergency laws".

Let's look at them in turn.

Asian Economic Community by 2015

The criticism of this article is brief as it is just a repeat of what's above. They fail to mention Surin's position in the International Crisis Group and his position as director of the Democrat Party, which is currently in power and amending the electoral format in it's favour and against the favour of the opposition.

Chris Baker, a respected Bangkok analyst, said the amended system could boost Mr Abhisit's Democrats, the lead party in the governing coalition, but which has been comfortably beaten by pro-Thaksin parties in recent elections … Shifting seats from territorial to party list should favour them."
The people mentioned in my previous article are currently in the driving seat, and taking Thailand in the fast lane to a less desirable place. The fact that Land Destroyer knows about their involvements in international organisations, but fails to mention the domestic organisations they belong to only makes the case arguing that a deliberate and contrived omission was made by Land Destroyer even stronger.

BBC's "Stark warnings over Thai emergency laws"

The U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe and Thaksin's invite to attend one of their meetings is mentioned.

The Commission contributes to the formulation of U.S. Policy ...The Commission convenes public hearings and briefings with expert witnesses on OSCE-related issues ... meetings to address and assess democratic, economic, and human rights developments firsthand.”

So why is Thaksin's invite of any importance? This is a very brief analysis of this article as there is not much substance to it. Again, a favourite group of the author(s) is mentioned, the ICG. Again they deliberately omit Surin's high rank within the group.

Land Destroyer goes on; “If you are wondering why the globalists are so interested in Thaksin Shinwatra and the despoiling of Thailand via a communist "people's revolution,"”.

The role of communist rebels within the nationalist movement, their hatred of not only the Reds, but also elections and Cambodia has already been written on.

The BBC article, 'Stark Warnings Over Thai Emergency Laws' is refereed to as a pro-Red propaganda piece and yet it points the finger at Red terrorism providing only an unnamed source as proof. Who does this article really demonise?

Thailand: Stage Set for Another Color Revolution

This article deserves a little more scrutiny. Although many of the same bizarre untruths are merely repeated such as Thaksin being supported by his nemesis Surin and the ICG which he heads up in Thailand and the Red Movement being wholly Marxist and Maoist despite the evidently diverse component groups that make up the Reds. It does, however, come up with a novel accusation against the Reds. It claims the Reds are red because red is “a reflection of Thailand's neighbor Cambodia; ravaged by the Khmer Rogue (Red Khmer),”. Naturally, no supporting evidence is provided, just as none is provided for the claim that “Cambodia has long served as a staging ground and refuge for the UDD”. It goes on to claim that red represents blood in the streets and condemns international media for;

portraying the April/May 2010 violence as a one-sided massacre in an attempt to demonize Thailand as an authoritarian dictatorship, while Thaksin and his clique begin to gather protesters for a renewed campaign to seize power.”

A simple analysis of the number of heavily armed soldiers and police deployed against the number of protesters during the violent crackdowns and a comparison of the number of murdered civilians with murdered soldiers would clearly prove this one way or another. I urge readers to research themselves.

The article continues, “it certainly is not about democracy or social justice … It is about regime change in favor of a known globalist stooge”. The question which immediately springs to mind is; Which one? Prem, Ahbisit, Surin, Anand, Mechai or another one from within the Thai elite that we haven't discussed yet?

It continues,

Thaksin in turn, is currently represented by international lawyer Robert Amsterdam who is also simultaneously providing lobbying services for the UDD. This provides further evidence that Thaksin and the UDD are a packaged deal and not as "grassroots" as the mainstream media suggests.”

While lawyers are not generally well received universally and are the butt of many a joke, this joke seems to lack all trace of humour. The writers at Land Destroyer seem to have an obsession with Amsterdam! Amsterdam! Amsterdam! Why don't they stop mincing words and just call him Dr. Evil and photoshop a picture of him with his little finger perched on the edge of his lips?

I'm guessing that the absurdity is starting to bore readers so there's no need for the article to continue with this topic. But, a more serious topic must be covered before the article can conclude.

Unfortunately, the Monarchy has often been bought into play by Land Destroyer. Needless to say Article 112 has not. Neither have the military backed Yellow Shirts. The article speaks of how Thailand is following revolutionary movements from around the world who have also taken on a specific colour to identify themselves. What the article doesn't inform readers of is that the Yellow Shirt Movement which has been armed and rioted and wreaked havoc with military support preceded the Reds. The leaders of the Yellow Shirts such as Anand Panyarachun have already had their associations with globalist organisations made clear.

In conclusion it can be stated, after looking at who started the social unrest and who subsequently gained power that if anything, Thailand has suffered from a Yellow revolution. The regime change wanted by the Reds is from an unelected to an elected government. It is clear that Land Destroyer doesn't trust the Thai people, especially the northerners who he accuses of being easily bought, to choose for themselves and agrees with the ex-communist-cum-nationalists that elections are evil.
I think that the nail in Land Destroyer's coffin has been secured. We are only left with questions.

Are they well-intentioned, but just very bad at research? Are they bizarre in their hatred of solar power which is written of as part of Thaksin plot? Why do they not comment on the injustices of the Thai government sending troops up against their own kith and kin? Why do they have no words of compassion for the unfortunate people, including the soldiers, who died or lost loved ones – Red or Yellow? Why do they think Prachatai is in the wrong when Executive Director Chiranuch Premchaiporn potentially faces 82 years in jail for simply having third party comments on her site?


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